Tiêu tán âm Primacoustic Radiator Array Diffusor Panel

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The Radiator is a multi-faceted device that is used to break up high frequency sound energy and create a sense of air and space in any room. This make the Radiator perfect for studios and home theatres where you may want to eliminate flutter echo without over-deadening the room. The architecturallypleasing look also makes the Radiator perfect for improving intelligibility in any environment.

Yet this only one of the possibilities: Measuring just under 24″ x 24″, the Radiator fits into standard T-Bar ceilings and is ideally suited to act as a portal between the room and the plenum to increase the sense of space by allowing acoustic energy to transition naturally between the two air spaces. This approach has been used for years by studio designers to enhance the sound of a room and create natural trailing reverb without the compressed sound of a small space.

The Radiator can also be used as a cloud: A series of carefully positioned mounting holes allow multiple Radiators to be ganged together with the supplied hardware to create ceiling arrays that can be suspended over the recording work space to help eliminate standing waves and powerful reflections. Finally, when combined with Broadway panels, a host of creative designs can be introduced to control the acoustic environment while introducing a sense of design and flair to the room.

A natural laminated wood finish and great looking dove-tail joints make the Radiator the perfect centerpiece to add spice to any room decor.










The Primacoustic Radiator is a 24″ x 24″ x 3″ open grid acoustic diffuser that is used in a variety of ways to reflect high frequency sound energy in a random fashion, creating a sense of air and space in any room. The Radiator can be used as a standard flush-mount wall diffuser or mounted over top of Broadway panels to improve performance and add lower frequency absorption.

They can also be used as a suspended cloud or dropped into a T-Bar ceiling grid to take advantage of open ceiling spaces and plenum to create a balanced, large room sound without direct reflections and echo. All hardware is included to hang the Radiator on the wall, or to link multible units together.

The beautiful natural birch finish and limitless number of uses makes the Radiator the perfect addition to any room decor, from studios to waiting rooms.



Order Number Z840-2500-00
Effective Frequency Range 565Hz to 2.2KHz
Outer Frame Material Baltic Birch Plywood with locking dovetail corner joints. 0.5” (13mm) thick, Laquered natural wood finish
Inner Cell Material Baltic Birch plywood 0.25” (6mm) thick. Laquered natural wood finish
Outer Dimension 23.74” (603mm) x 23.74” (603mm) x 3” (76mm) Fits T-Bar drop ceiling grids
Cell Dimension 2.64” (67mm) x 2.64” (67mm) x 3” (76mm)
Weight 8.2 lbs (3.7 kg)
Mounting Hardware Woodscrews and drywall anchors included for wall mounting. Coupling hardware allows Radiator to be bolted together to create diffusion arrays. Two coupling bolts included.


How to Use

The Radiator ships assembled and ready to use in a variety of ways. It can be mounted on walls, in a T-bar ceiling system or clustered together or suspended from a ceiling to create an acoustic cloud. To address these, the Radiator has several special mounting functions built in.


On the back side of the Radiator you will find two keyholes. These are designed to mount the unit to the wall using the supplied anchors and screws. Start by positioning the Radiator on the wall and then mark the top, bottom and sides using a pencil mark. Come down from the top by four inches and inward by ¼” for the center screw location. Mark it, and then use a nail or thin screwdriver to create a guide hole for the anchor. This will ensure the anchor goes in square exactly where you want it. Screw in the anchor and affix the screw by leaving it out by approximately 3/8″. Repeat for the other side and hang.

Hanging points
The Radiator is pre-drilled with 8 holes. These are used for hanging points and for coupling multiple Radiators together to create a cluster. These holes are located towards the back side of the Radiator so that the wire is less visible when wrapped around the wood frame. You can also use the coupling bolts as an anchoring position. Just be careful to make sure you have secured the wire properly.

Coupling bolts
Multiple Radiators can be ganged together to create clusters. Not only is this highly effective acoustically, but with careful application of ceiling lights. You can create dramatic effects that can inspire! The coupling bolts are designed to provide an almost invisible means of coupling Radiators together.

Painting the Radiator
The Radiator comes pre-finished in a natural wood. You can easily paint the Radiator by lightly sanding, then applying a base coat and then the desired color. We recommend spray painting as this will make it easier to get inside all of the corners and surfaces. Painting will not affect the acoustic performance.




When primary or first order reflections are present, they not only make it more difficult to discern what is being played but also reduce the size of the sound field. These can be attenuated and scattered using Radiator clusters or a combination of Radiators and Broadway acoustic panels. Positioning the cluster staring at 36" (1 meter) off the floor will generally center a cluster as shown so that it is at ear height. The Radiator’s hard reflective surface will retain a greater sense of space and air in the room.





Powerful front to back room reflections not only cause flutter echo, but increase the incidence of room modes. An array of Radiators behind the listening position will break these up while enhancing the acoustic environment. These are typically mounted on the rear wall, spanning the width of the work area. For those that prefer a slightly darker mix environment, a cluster Radiators combined with 3" thick Broadway panels will provide an effective and balanced result.





Ceiling clouds above the work area benefit by reducing flutter echo while enlarging the ‘sweet spot’ in the critical mix position. For those that prefer a livelier environment, a ceiling cluster can easily be constructed using Radiators and the supplied coupling hardwire. These are then suspending above the work surface in an area that covers the console and seating position. This set up is particularly effective when lighting is above to create an architecturally attractive environment.





A challenge in small room acoustics occurs when the energy being produced by the loudspeakers outpaces the room’s ability to handle the build up. At this point, the sound becomes compressed. For rooms outfitted with T-Bar ceilings, the Radiator comes to the rescue by providing a simple means of escape whereby sound energy can be dissipated into the plenum above the T-bar giving the impression of being in a much larger room. The Radiator is expressly built just smaller than the usual 24" x 24" grid (60cm x 60cm) for easy fit.




  • Breaking up sound energy with the Radiator
  • Using the Radiator as a cloud
  • Using the Radiator as a transition portal

The Radiator is a multi-purpose acoustic device that can be used to break up and scatter sound waves like a diffuser. It can be mounted on walls, used as a ceiling cloud, or in a drop ceiling as a transition portal to give one a sense of greater space in a small room. It can even be used in front of glass to diffuse problematic reflections.


The Radiator is not a diffuser in the true sense of the word. Devices like the Primacoustic Razorblade are true quadratic residue diffusers (QRDs) that employ a series mathematically calculated wells based on prime numbers that will break up sound energy in such a way to ensure that all frequencies are equally distributed over time and space to provide both spatial and temporal diffusion.

When used as a ‘diffuser’, the Radiator’s 64 cubicles break up sound energy as it hits the hard wood boundaries and scatters it around the room as it reflects back in multiple directions. This gives smaller rooms a sense of space and air.




For the most part, diffusion is applied to directional frequencies. Sound tends to beam like a flashlight. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency and the more it will beam in a given direction. At 3" deep with 8 3" wide wells, one can predict an effective range from 565Hz to 2260Hz using quarter wavelength calculations, right in the 'meat' of where sound tends to beam and still carry plenty of energy. The Radiator provides a very cost effective means of eliminating primary reflections before deflecting directional frequencies from their trajectory.




There is a train of thought in studio design that prefers the source end of the room to be 'live' as opposed to being overly deadened with acoustic panels. The idea is that if there are no regular boundaries, resonant frequencies and primary reflections will not exist. This can apply to wall surface and ceiling treatment. When panels are suspended from the ceiling, it is called a cloud.




A major disadvantage to small rooms is that they can quickly become energized with low frequencies and if pushed, the room capacity is easily excited beyond function. A great acoustic 'trick' is to employ the plenum or space above the T-Bar ceiling as an 'escape hatch' to allow energy in the room to dissipate. The Radiator makes a wonderful transition portal while also providing some benefit in the form of diffusion.

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Tiêu tán âm Primacoustic Radiator Array Diffusor Panel

Tiêu tán âm Primacoustic Radiator Array Diffusor Panel

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